"We recently moved into a new, much larger home and I was completely overwhelmed by all the cupboards and drawers in our new kitchen! Deanne listened to what was important for me and my family, and understood the importance of a well organized kitchen for a busy, young family. She had amazing, unique ideas that were perfectly suited to our needs, and really helped turned our house into a well-organized home.Thank you Deanne!"     - Anna


"When the time came to sell our home we realized that there was an overwhelming amount of work to do in order to get it into shape (and that we likely weren't qualified to do it). During the initial panic we contacted Artfully Organized to help us stage our house for sale. Deanne came to our home for a consultation. Her professionalism and positivity were re-assuring. She made a plan and presented us with a reasonable budget, and when the day came she showed up with bags full of amazing things and made our home look like it belonged in Home and Garden Magazine. The process was simple, easy, and, above all else, positive. I cannot say thank you enough!"     - Lindsay

"After running a home based business from my basement for 14 years, I had accumulated A LOT of "stuff" and our personal things just kept getting dumped into corners and closets.  I tried for over 2 years to sort and purge on my own and had barely made a dent.  My concern was that I wanted items re-purposed instead of just thrown out.  Deanne was priceless in setting up a plan, booking time to work with me, and keeping our sessions moving along.  She respected my need to keep things with sentimental value and set up a system to organize it all.  Not only is our basement now organized, tidy and useable as a family room for the first time ever, but the things that were cluttering up our kitchen and dining room now have a proper spot in the basement storage area!  My husband's comment was:  "Whatever she's charging you, you should pay her double!  She's worth it!"     - Connie